Training of trainers for the aid sector | Lyon | December 2nd to 6th 2019

Training of trainers for the aid sector | Lyon | December 2 to 6 2019

To provide participants with the appropriate methods & tools to develop, facilitate, monitor & evaluate training activities: principles of adult learning and their application to the design and implementation of a training session, assessment of training needs and objectives definition, lesson plan construction, appropriate training materials selection and development, training presentation skills, training evaluation forms, analysis of one’s practice and that of others in order to engage in a continuous learning dynamic.

Période de formation : 5 joursLieu : Lyon


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Audience People in charge or want to design / implement training actions within their organisation

Prerequisites mandatory Level of English proficiency: B2 minimum (according to European language levels - Self Assessment Grid)

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This open training course is part of the “Humanitarian Programme Manager” diploma course. Did you know that you can get this diploma at your own pace by attending all the open training courses that it is made up of, spread out over up to 4,5 years? Further information here.

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Lundi 2 déc 2019 - Vendredi 6 déc 2019
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800 €