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It is currently difficult for many humanitarian and development organisations to recruit and retain skilled programme managers. These difficulties directly impact the efficiency of their programmes. Over recent years there has been increased attention given by humanitarian and development agencies to the quality of humanitarian and development practice and raised awareness of the importance of ensuring programme quality in the sector. The Bioforce Institute has been actively involved in these developments through extensive consultations on the challenges faced by NGOs. Developing their ability to hire, develop and retain competent managers has been recognised as a top priority. Both humanitarian and development organisations as well as individuals expressed the need for training programmes that enable potential and current managers to develop their technical, analytical and personal skills.

Période de formation : 9 moisSeptember to september               In Association WithGrenoble Ecole de ManagementConférence des Grandes Ecoles

The partnership between the Bioforce Institute and Grenoble Ecole de Management has enabled the creation of a substantial management training programme for the humanitarian and development sector, offering trainees an academic qualification and the specific expertise they seek. Grenoble Ecole de Management is recognized in France and abroad as a leader among French business schools and brings to the training programme its expertise in management, innovation and entrepreneurship. 

At the end of this 12-month MSc training programme, graduates are prepared and ready to work for both for-profit and nonprofit organisations. At a glance:

  • 3 months at the Bioforce Institute : participants focus on the humanitarian programme manager’s core competencies (Managing People & Organisations, Managing Programmes & Projects, Managing Finance & Funding). 
  • 4 months at Grenoble Ecole de Management, for extra inputs from for-profit organisations, with a strong opening on strategy, marketing and geopolitics. 
  • 5 months field assignment.

WATCH NOW. Bhupinder Rawat attended the MSc in Humanitarian Programme Management in 2013. As a telecom engineer in India he learned to adapt his existing skills to the humanitarian sector. Watch the video and discover what Bhupinder expected from the training and how it was a learning experience both from the students and the teachers.


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​​Looking for a shorter, condensed training programme? You are welcome to attend only the 3-month training at the Bioforce Institute + a 6-month assignment in the field with an international aid organisation. 

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Wednesday 18 Sep 2019 to Tuesday 1 Sep 2020