I have applied online for a diploma course in Africa: what is the next step?

Once you've applied online for a diploma course (duration: 3 months or longer) in Africa: please check your mailbox for the automatic email that sums up your application number and the next application steps. Check your spam folder if you have not received it. 

Got the automatic email? As mentioned in the training brochure, your application will be examined by the Bioforce staff upon receipt of the FCFA 20.000 administration fees.

Payment is possible by:

  • bank transfer to the following bank account:  in order for us to be able to identify your payment, please indicate your first name, name and application number in the bank transfer details then send a copy of your transfer order at inscription.afrique@institutbioforce.fr : RIB AFRICA ECOBANK SENEGAL: Account owner: Institut Bioforce. Swift code: ECOCSNDA. Bank code: SN094. Sort code: 01001. Account number: 141060793601. Clé RIB : 40. IBAN: SN094 01001 141060793601 40.
  • cheque: in order for your cheque to be handed over in person, please ask for an appointment at inscription.afrique@institutbioforce.fr  
  • cash  : in order for your cash to be handed over in person, please ask for an appointment at  inscription.afrique@institutbioforce.fr  
  • money transfer : please ask for an appointment at  inscription.afrique@institutbioforce.fr  bfore doing the money transfer. It can do it by Western Union or WARI, only if you send the money by cash or by Rapidtransfer-Ecobank if you send the money on our bank account.

Your payment must be received within 1 month: otherwise, your online application would have to be cancelled.  We will acknowledge receipt of your payment via email within 15 days and we will contact you by email to inform you whether your application has been selected within 2 months. Please note that our team can suggest to you another diploma course instead: no need for you to worry or to apply for several diploma courses.

If your application is selected, find out about the payment of the training fees and the opportunities of spacing out this payment:  here for a training starting before September 2018 and here for a training starting in September 2018 or later.