Humanitarian Supply Chain Management | Amman | 30 June-4 July 2019

fd log amman 2019

Main Objective : Understand and apply appropriate approaches and tools to manage the supply chain
Specifics Objectives : Identify the supply chain scope according to the humanitarian program ; Use and adapt procurement tools ; Use and adapt stock management tools ; Use and adapt transportation management tools.

Lengh of Training : 15 days




Audience : You already work as a logistician and you want to improve your skills in supply chain management. You work in project management and you need to better understand supply chain management systems. You are an aid worker and you wish to develop a career in logistics.

Prerequisites : Previous experience in humanitarian aid.

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Lieu de formation: 
Date de formation: 
Sunday 30 Jun 2019 to Thursday 4 Jul 2019
Type de formation: 
Date Limite d'Inscription: 
Age minimum à l'entrée en formation: 
650 €