Humanitarian Project Financial Management | Amman | 23-27 June 2019

MO Amman finance

Main Objective : Understand and apply appropriate approaches and tools to manage financial resources responsibly
Specifics Objectives : Identify financial tools associated with the financial management cycle ; Implement the principles of budget management (development and budget management) ; Participate in the budgeting process ; Use basic accounting tools and methods to ensure project accounting in the field ; Ensure security and availability of funds on a mission (cash) ; Use tools and methods to ensure budget control of activities and apply internal control mechanisms to safeguard the NGO assets.

Lengh of Training : 15 days




Audience : You already work as administrator and you want to improve your skills in financial management. You work in project management and you need to better understand financial management tools. You are an aid worker and you wish to develop a career in administration.

Prerequisites mandatory : Good knowledge on basic Excel function: (update data of an existing table, modification of presentation of the cells, function copy / paste, creation of a table, addition and subtraction, division and multiplication, calculation of percentage). technical : A laptop with 2007 excel is required.

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Lieu de formation: 
Date de formation: 
Sunday 23 Jun 2019 to Thursday 27 Jun 2019
Type de formation: 
Date Limite d'Inscription: 
Clos - session à venir
Age minimum à l'entrée en formation: 
650 €